Tooth Infection and Sinusitis

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Tooth Infection and Sinusitis

Infections from decayed tooth can go beyond the tip of the root and extend into the sinus causing a sinus infection. Implants placed by inexperienced dentist can also breach into the sinus causing infection. Sometimes the infection can get very bad and extend all the way up to the eye socket. Sinus infection can also be caused by root canal treated teeth. If the dental problem is untreated, this could caused chronic sinus disease even after sinus surgery.

Implant placed into sinus by inexperienced dentist

Chronic infection of sinus leading up to sinus

Sinus infection from root canal treated tooth

Pain from the upper jaws/face can be due to toothache or infection of the sinus as the upper teeth are “neighbours” to the maxillary sinus. Maxillary sinusitis can be due to a tooth infection and sometimes despite multiple sinus surgery and washouts, the sinusitis still persists if the tooth infection is not dealt with. It is important to make the correct diagnosis and to understand that sinusitis or teeth infection can be linked together. Our practice has expertise in dentistry and surgery to help you make the correct diagnosis.

Treatment can be difficult with such sinus infection as it needs to be treated at same time as the dental problem. Dr Fan is medically qualified and surgically trained to perform sinus surgery to drain sinus infections which are due to dental causes such as dental implants or roots pushed into the sinus from accidents by inexperienced dentist. Both problems can be treated at the same time in house.

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