Facial Trauma Reconstructive Surgery

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Facial Trauma Reconstructive Surgery

Road traffic accidents account for most of severe facial trauma. Industrial accidents and personal injuries from sports also account for many of these facial and dental traumas.


Post Traumatic Deformity Reconstructive Surgery

In maxillofacial reconstruction, the functional aspects of mouth opening and ability to eat are just as important as the reassembly of the face to the normal appearance. Careful attention to the teeth and its occlusion is important in the repair of mandibular (lower jaw) fractures as misalignment of the teeth even by 1 mm can lead to big problems with chewing and eating afterwards. The oral and maxillofacial surgeon will be able to deal with both the soft and hard tissues repair of the injury and with his dental training, can help the patient with functional rehabilitation of the jaws with bone grafting and dental implants.
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