Medical Aesthetics Wrinkle Treatment

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Medical Aesthetics Wrinkle Treatment

Facial skin rejuvenation procedures can be achieved with the help of injection of toxins to underlying muscles or fillers to obliterate skin folds that could make someone looked tired and aged.

Besides cosmetic enhancement for an aged skin, prevention of wrinkles with toxins in younger persons is an anti-aging measure. Maintenance of youthful look should start young and care of the facial skin include avoidance of sun damage and attention to environmental changes. Use of special facial therapy such as skin treatments and chemical skin peeling is a cheap and inexpensive way of maintenance. There is a tendency to go for expensive technology driven treatments such as lasers and IPL but sometimes the simple chemical peel which is done in the staged manner can achieve the same natural results. All skin treatments, be it laser or chemical, start with engineered exfoliation of skin cells and promotion of a healthier layer of new skin. For good results, this involves careful pre-procedure conditioning plus post treatment (laser/ chemical/surgical) facilitation of healing and regeneration of the new skin. Understanding skin physiology will help greatly in achieving the ideal face and should not be omitted.
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