Bioscaffolding For Bone Preservation

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Bioscaffolding For Bone Preservation

Bioengineering Research – Bioscaffold to regenerate bone for Dental Implants

Dr Fan had led a team in the research and development of a scaffold to guide bone regeneration in reconstructive surgery and had together with an industry partner working with the NUS developed the world’s first rigid dental bioscaffold which can be used to support alveolar socket after dental extraction for ridge preservation and bone regeneration for patients planning to have dental implants.

This project was funded by the Prime Minister’s Office The Enterprise Challenge and had won the 2005 Most Enterprising Award and Innovator Award. The research has led to a few international papers published and won an international dental exhibition poster award.

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Synthetic Scaffold made of PLGA to guide bone growth and prevent alveolar ridge collapse

  • Fully biocompatible material PLGA harmless to the human body and completely resorbable
  • World’s first rigid alveolar scaffold that has similar strength to natural bone
  • Able to prevent collapse of bone structure after extraction
  • Optimal macroporosity (holes) and microporosity (PLGA structure) for bone tissue in-growth
  • Non surgical highly acceptable procedure
  • Click here for more on the Clinical Trial Done at NUH

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