Facts on Impacted Wisdom Tooth or 3rd Molar Surgery

Impacted Wisdom Teeth and its close relationship to the nerve.

Painless wisdom tooth extraction is usually quite straightforward and most of the time do not take more than 10 mins for its surgical removal in our clinic. The skills of the surgeon is tested in the difficult case where the inferior alveolar nerve (IDN) is close to the wisdom tooth roots which render it susceptible to damage during the surgery.This 3D video from a patient’s CT scan can help one to visualise the IDN (outlined in red) and its close relationship to the wisdom tooth.
Standard X ray of tooth with unclear view of the nerve
wisdom tooth extraction singapore painless wisdom tooth extraction
With standard radiography, there is only limited view of the inferior dental nerve which is close by the wisdom tooth. During surgery, damage to this nerve can result in permanent numbness of the lower lip which can be very distressing to the patient. Preoperative assessment becomes important to identify the at risk cases and appropriate plan of wisdom tooth extraction procedure becomes important in minimising nerve damage.
Canal Drawn To Indicate Precise Position with the help of CBCT
With the help of conebeam CT, the 3 dimensional view of the position of the inferior dental nerve can be precisely determined and drawn out cooperatively during the planning of the surgery. This allows the surgeon to find the best possible way to remove the tooth without damaging the nerve.
wisdom tooth extraction procedurecost of wisdom tooth extraction
The nerve in this case is seen to be on the buccal aspect of the tooth and the surgeon removed the tooth with the lingual approach without any subsequent complication of nerve numbness.
wisdom tooth extraction singapore painless wisdom tooth extraction
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