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We are a fully computerised practice with the latest patient education softwares to enable a clear understanding of the disease and surgical treatment procedures for our patients. We believe that knowledge of the proposed treatment is important to allay fear and anxiety for the patient and the latest surgical techniques are explained with the help of animation programmes and examples . This is especially useful for international patients with limited understanding of the English language.

Medical Orofacial Surgery is dedicated to provide excellent surgical care for Medical-Dental Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. It is equipped with the latest technology and facilities for the diagnosis and management of surgical conditions related to the face, mouth, jaws and neck. We are a surgical practice located in a modern hospital with the state of the art operating theatre and ward facilities that are essential for safe management and inpatient care of surgical patients. Unlike being located inside shopping malls or medical centres with no inpatient facilities or beds, the doctor in the clinic can still can easily reach his patients in the event of emergencies in the ward even when he is seeing or treating out-patients. The clinic itself has the latest set-up for oral and dental surgical cases in a quiet and pleasant environment with an excellent view that could help to allay fear and anxieties related to the dental or surgical treatment.

State of the art Imaging Modality – Latest CT Scanner
The Cone Beam CT Scanner is fast becoming the standard for advanced surgical care as it provides the surgeon excellent 3D imaging of the patient's facial skeleton for precise diagnosis and optimal surgical planning. In cases like wisdom tooth surgery, it can reliably tell the surgeon where the inferior dental nerve is located and take away the guess work from interpretation of 2 D x rays in the past. The low dose of radiation (equivalent to 2 non digital OPG films) coupled to its excellent imaging can help the surgeon to plan the positions of dental implants or avoid the nerve resulting in safer surgery and improved surgical outcome. See examples in dental implant and wisdom teeth surgery
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