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Facial & Oral Cancer Surgery

Cancer in the face and mouth can arise from the face, the jaws, the lips, the tongue, the floor of mouth, the cheeks, the palate and the maxillary sinus. Benign tumors such as ameloblastoma is quite a common presentation in the local oral and maxillofacial surgery clinic. Squamous cell carcinoma of the mouth is the most common oral cancer in Singapore. Risk factors include tobacco usage eg betel nut chewing and recent association with the human papilloma virus and possibly oral sex.


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The surgical management of orofacial cancer involves removal of the disease (resection), neck dissection and adjunctive radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Post surgery reconstruction is also an important aspect of management of the disease.

Management of orofacial cancer is a highly specialised field which involves multidisciplinary care and patients should seek treatment from qualified surgeons whose background included training in this area and current with head and neck practice. Often the patient will require a neck operation to remove the local lymph glands together with the removal of the tumor and inadequate treatment can cause serious consequences. In overseas centres, oral cancer head and neck surgery is often practiced exclusively by specialist surgeons in this field.

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Neck Dissection / Reconstructive Micro-vascular Surgery

Neck dissection to control regional spread of oral cancer is an important part of surgery. After removal of the cancer, there is sometimes a need to use tissues from another part of the body to reconstruct the defect.


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Reconstructive microvascular surgery such as use of the vascularised radial forearm free flap and the fibula osteocutaneous free flap are important reconstructive options for surgical treatment of orofacial cancers.

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