Medical Orofacial Surgery
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Jaw Cysts and Oral Pathology

wisdom tooth cysts Dentigerous cysts
Cyst can arise from teeth related tissues and will often need to be removed early as they can grow to a large size which will render surgery difficult and the jaws prone to fractures.
bone cysts Other jaw cysts
Jaw cysts can arise from a variety of tissues and require surgical removal. Diagnosis can some times be tricky as some of them may well be cystic degeneration of tumour such as ameloblastoma which will require a more aggressive surgical resection.
Apthous Ulcer Apthous Ulcer
Ulcers in the mouth require a careful diagnostic process to elucidate the cause and institute appropriate management.
ranula cysts Ranula / Mucous cyst.
Mucocoele or mucous cysts can be found on the oral mucosa commonly on the lower lip and some times underneath the tongue. Surgical removal of the cyst is often needed.
gum swelling Gum swellings
Gingival lesions such as the pyogenic granuloma can be common but important to exclude oral cancer and hence all lesions should be examined by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon trained in the management of oral cancer.
Mucosal lesions Mucosal lesions
The fibroepithelial polyp can be easily diagnosed by an experienced surgeon though again it is important to exclude cancer.
White / Red patches
White or red patches or lines in the mouth has to be carefully examined by an experienced surgeon as they can be precancerous lesions. White patches can be however be due to infections such as candidiasis or commonly known as thrush.
Tongue Cancer Tongue Cancer !
It is very important to consult a specialist if there are any abnormal swellings, ulcers(that don’t heal), red or white patches etc which is not normally found in the mouth.