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Wisdom Teeth Minor Oral Surgery / Removal of Teeth for Braces/Orthodontic Treatment

wisdom tooth surgery singaporewisdom tooth surgery singapore

Impacted wisdom tooth refers to the condition whereby the 3rd molar is improperly positioned and not fully erupted in the mouth. The most common presentation for wisdom teeth problem is the infection of the gum that partially covers the wisdom tooth. This piece of gum tissue is called the operculum and with food retained inside the pocket between the tooth and the gums, it is not difficult to imagine why this is a common problem.

The impacted 3rd molar or wisdom tooth is a common problem encountered. There are many theories but the most popular one is that the jaw size of the modern man is much smaller as the diet becomes more refined and there is less need to grind our food. This evolutionary consequence has resulted in insufficient space for the 3rd molar to erupt and hence it often come out in a slanted and buried position trapped next to the 2nd molar.

Gum infection in wisdom tooth. The most common cause of pain in the wisdom tooth due to food stagnation and inflammation of the gums around the last molar

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Wisdom teeth oral dental surgery is a common operation done to remove the improperly erupted last 3rd molar.

Sometimes patients going for braces treatment will also need their wisdom teeth removed. Though generally safe, surgical removal of the wisdom tooth has risk of damage to the inferior dental nerve which could cause numbness of the lip as well as damage to the lingual nerve resulting in numbness of the tongue. It will be important that difficult cases of impacted wisdom teeth to be removed by experienced surgeon to minimise the risk of damage to the IDN.

In our clinic, we use the cone beam CT scanner to visualise the inferior dental nerve to plan for safe surgical removal of the 3rd molar. A clinical assessment will be made at our clinic and the surgery is explained to the patient by clear animation videos with our specialised Consult Pro software.

wisdom tooth surgery singapore Impacted wisdom teeth can result in food trapping causing the tooth in front to decay (see the black area inside the adjacent tooth) and the patient may ultimately have to extract both the molars. It is hence advisable to have impacted wisdom teeth to be removed before it cause further damages to the gums, bone and teeth in front.
wisdom tooth surgery singapore Wisdom tooth left inside the jaw can develop into cyst which will weaken the jaw leading to jaw fracture on minor traum

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