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Dental Implants

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What is a dental implants?

A dental implants is often described as a titanium “screw” placed inside the jaw bone which will form the post for attaching an artificial tooth or crown.

This is the latest development in dentistry and is probably the closest to natural replacement of missing teeth. Medical grade titanium alloy is the only foreign substance that is tolerated in the body without rejection and had been used in medical applications such as artificial joints for many years. Its use in mini dental implants that has now been close to 30 years.

dental implants singaporemini dental implants Dental implants are surgically inserted in the jawbone and then allowed to healed. After healing and osseointegration has taken place, the crowns or artificial teeth can then be fitted onto the titanium posts which the implants functions almost like the roots of the teeth in the natural situation. It is the most natural replacement to missing teeth in dentistry.

Dentures sit on the gums or mucosa and can only supply up to 25% of the natural bite force and after a while it causes bone to thin down, the fit becomes less accurate and gradually the denture becomes loose and needs replacement. The plastic cover of the denture base can cause less taste sensation and decreases the pleasure of eating. Bridges require adjacent teeth to support the missing teeth and can result in gum problems of the natural teeth and caries which may result in the lost of more teeth. The undersurface of bridges are difficult to clean and gradually the supporting teeth will give way because of poor hygiene.

Patients with dental implants often find more bite force, better chewing of food and more natural sensation of eating.